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How to Create an XML Sitemap and Add it to Google Search Console

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It is important to create a Sitemap for your website then add it to Google Search Console because this makes it easier for search engine crawlers to find and index all the content of your website as well as to know the importance of each page. 

This process should be done directly after setting up your Google Search Console. You just do it once, then your SEO plugin (usually Yoast SEO) will update it automatically. 

How to create an XML Sitemap and add it to Google Search Console? 

To create an XML Sitemap and add it to Google Search Console, you have to install yoast SEO then follow these steps:

1- Create a sitemap using the Yoast plugin. 

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and select SEO from the left side menu.
  • In the SEO list, click “General”.
  • Now, Yoast SEO tab is opened, select “Features
  • Check whether the “XML sitemaps” feature is enabled. If it is not, just turn it on. 
  • Click on “”, and you will see a box telling you to" see the xml sitemap". Click on this sentence. 


  • Now, you will be redirected to your sitemap URL as well as “sitemap_index.xml” which are created by the SEO plugin. . 

2- Adding the sitemap to Google Search Console

  • Go to the sitemap link yourdomainname.com/sitemap_index.xml  in Yoast. 
  • Copy the second part of your Sitemap url which comes after yourdomainname.com/”.

Now, open Google Search Console and sign in with your Gmail associated with the website.
In the Google Search Console left side, select “Sitemaps”.

  • Under "Add a new sitemap", paste the second part of the sitemap URL which you copied before, then click submit. 
  • After submitting your sitemap, you will get a confirmation message. Press on “GOT IT”.
  • If you see a status saying “Couldn’t fetch”, click “F5” on your keyboard to refresh. 

Congratulations! Your sitemap is ready.

Posted : 15/09/2022 10:34 pm