How to find a good niche for Affiliate Marketing that work for you
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How to find a good Niche for Affiliate Marketing that works for You

To be successful in affiliate marketing largely depends on choosing the best niche that works for you. If you fail to choose the right niche then your affiliate marketing business is gone. In this article I will help you on how to find a good niche for affiliate marketing that works for you.

It will help you to overcome the challenges that most people face in affiliate marketing. Find out the best products to offer and make more sales. You already know about how to start affiliate marketing and top affiliate marketing tools that will help you to grow your business.

In this article, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about finding a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

You will know why choosing an affiliate niche is important? Major mistakes people make when choosing a niche, and then I’ll show you how to turn these mistakes into successes.

Then I will train you how to find a good niche for affiliate marketing that works for you.

After that I’m going to teach you three out-of-the-box tactics for finding lucrative niches that most people are unaware of.

Finally I talk about a tool that helps you on how to find a good affiliate niche for affiliate marketing that works for you.

Why Choosing your affiliate niche is so important?

You’ve probably heard it before, but niche selection is by far the most important step in the affiliate marketing process.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing Niche

When you find the right niche, money begins to flow in with little effort.

The profits from your first project can then be used to scale into more sites in the same niche and begin to take place on page number one.

And it’s super simple to do because you already have the blueprint from your previous project.

Then, with all of that money, your affiliate marketing begins to skyrocket.

You can begin to take more risks, try out new strategies, and have massive exits; the sky’s the limit.

However, if you don’t pick the right niche, it can be a money pit.

You throw money at a project or a website that never returns your investment, money that can never be recovered.

Furthermore, you waste all of the time that was put into it, and time can never be recovered.

Then you go back to your old job and your old girlfriend who cheated on you, and you become that guy who arrives at the bar way too early.

The Benefit of Choosing the right Affiliate Niche

Helps with the challenge number one.

Having a product to sell to your Audience:

Choosing an affiliate niche is the beginning like the first step creating your engagement with an audience to whom you can sell. Once you have your niche that does not matter you are looking for YouTube videos, podcasts, creating a website, SEO, email marketing, social media but as long within the same niche you can sell products to same people over and over different products that are more likely to buy from you.

Understand your Traffic:

Because one challenge I see is one day people promoting cooking products another day business and marketing products the next day they promote totally different niche products. That confuses clients and the clients who are interested in buying cooking products are not interested in buying business or marketing products.

Increase traffic that increase sale:

So as long as you work on the same niche and put your efforts inside that niche that is going to have long term benefits that is going to resolve increasing sales and increasing more traffic and you become more influential in that niche.

You become Authority in your Niche:

You start to get more audience and it will be able to grow more authority. People will recognize you, trust you, people will recognize you and you yourself get deep knowledge about your niche.

Finally All Affiliate network accept you in Day One:

And you will be accepted to all kinds of affiliate programs and you may not be accepted on day one. But if you work and  can build an audience then every affiliate will work with you. And you also know which affiliate program is more profitable And by promoting those.

So all these benefits only come if you choose a niche and stick with it and in this article you will know how to find a good affiliate niche.

Major Mistakes to choose the niche of Affiliate marketing?

Now, before I get into the outside the box niche research hacks, I want to point out the 12 mistakes that people often make when choosing niches, and also give you the ways to fix these mistakes.

Choose A narrow Niche:

It’s merely a technique to niche if you choose a niche like table saws. Then you’ll ultimately run out of topics to discuss on that website. There are just so many table saw articles you can write.

Well, what’s the problem with that?

When you put enough effort into your website project, you’ll see that SEO starts to scale.

When you have enough backlinks and articles to be considered an authority in your topic, you can very much publish any new content and rank almost immediately.

I’d like to refer to this as authority mode.

When you don’t pick a large enough niche, you put in all that effort to get your website to authoritative status, and then there’s nothing else to say since you chose

The solution to this is to go broad. Instead of table saws, go with a branded domain in the umbrella, home improvement sector.

Then, if you want, you can go into table saws, belt sanders, and whatever else manly men use to build houses.

Choosing a niche that do not have buyer intent:

Here’s how it goes. When I began researching niches for my first affiliate website,

I made the decision to pursue two of my passions: yoga and travel.

And, fortunately for me, there is a lot of research volume for the keyword yoga travel and there isn’t much competition.

However, the problem was that those looking for this keyword did not have a buyer mindset.

They’re all looking for yoga retreat information or something similar.

I put affiliate links for yoga mats all over the site, but no one bought anything.

You should start with niches that have some buyer intent.

These are what I refer to as oh (beep) niches. Consider broad categories such as health, money, and relationships.

You can get into the weight loss niche in the health market, crypto in the wealth space, or dating in the relationships space.

Also, don’t be concerned about these niches being too difficult.

Remember that if you develop a broad weight reduction website, you can focus your information on the keto diet.

You can go into crypto tax accounting software on your crypto site, and instead of dating, you can use Tinder.

You can always niche down smaller.

Choose a niche that has too low search volume & less competition:

Most of the time if you choose a niche that has very low search volume then you can not rank it on Google. Even if you rank it on Google you have no benefit because of low search volume.

It’s the equivalent of holding a party and having no one turn up.

However, where do you go for non-competitive niches with high search volume?

You can completely prevent the issue by creating a large website once more.

You can go into as many micro niches as you want if you establish a site that covers a large range of topics.

Yes, each of them may not have a lot of search volume on its own, but when you cover dozens of them, the search volume starts to mount up, or you may even start with a challenging niche on your site.

Choose a niche that have no competition at all: 

What? What exactly are you talking about, dude? Yes, I truly meant it when I said you don’t want to go when there’s no one else there.

Here’s the harsh reality: unless you’re Elon Musk, you’re not going to be the first person to consider a niche.

If no one is interested in your niche, it’s likely that there isn’t any money to be made.

Do a Google search for your major keywords.

Look for similar websites that you might like to establish.

Competition is beneficial. It serves as a guide for you as you construct your own project.

They’ve already done the right things to get to page one, thus it’s something to reverse engineer.

Choose a over competitive Niche:

On the other hand mistakes occur when you select a niche that is overly competitive.

When everyone ranking is a giant authority website with a billion links, you know you’re in a niche that’s too competitive.

Google favors authority, therefore competing against these sites as a newcomer will be quite difficult.

My recommendation for dealing with this is to narrow the niche even more.

The truth is that the big boys only go after the huge, high-volume keywords, and they’re only interested in Amazon affiliate products.

So dodge them.

Either target more micro specialized keywords or conduct non-Amazon research, such as SAS or info-product reviews.

Focusing only on the YMYL (Your money, Your life) area

YMYL refers to niches that are extremely important to people’s lives, such as medical or credit repair.

Google makes harsher versions of its algorithms available to them, and this is only going to get more difficult over time.

Avoid YMYL niches unless you’re an experienced affiliate marketer.

That said, I believe there is a razor-thin line between what constitutes YMYL and what does not.

I’m a great fan of the fitness and diet areas, which are both health-related.

And, while these niches are unquestionably difficult, I believe they reward your efforts.

Choosing a specialty with a low return on investment, or ROI.

Some niches provide a significant amount of revenue in comparison to the effort required to rank in them.

In general, technological niches, particularly laptop review sites and the like, are like this.

It takes a little bit of experience to find terrible ROI niches, but don’t worry, I’ll show you a trick later in this post to show you what I do to uncover bad ROI niches.

Monetized with bad Affiliate Network:

The eighth mistake is when your topic can only be monetized through a bad affiliate network, such as dare I say it? Amazon Associates.

The commissions on Amazon are a joke. I mean, the commission is only 15% in their biggest category, but most people who become Amazon associates work in niches like furniture, home improvement, and technology, where the fee is only two to three percent.

Thank you so much, guys. They also reduce commission charges on a regular basis.

Since I’ve been an affiliate marketer, they’ve done it twice, the last time being in the heart of the pandemic’s climax.

They don’t give a doo-doo about their affiliates.

I’m very serious about this.

On the plus side, there are numerous additional affiliate networks from which to pick.

Probably the best affiliate network I’ve ever worked with is Fanfuel.

If you’re in the nutrition and fitness niche, this is where you wanna be.

They give you 40% commission rates depending on the product, and these commissions are lifetime.

Meaning if you refer them to a customer, you get a commission on that customer’s purchases for life.

ShareAsale is another great network with tons of products and it’s not limited to the health and fitness space, and they too have much better conversion rates than Amazon.

Choose a niche become less popular over time:

When you locate a good niche, but it’s becoming less and less popular over time then you are on trouble..

So, no matter what you do, even if you have the best marketing on the earth, you’re fighting a losing war, and your search traffic will gradually decrease.

It’s like investing into a plummeting stock.

The solution is to run your niche ideas through Google Trends on a regular basis.

Put your core keyword into Google Trends and see if it’s staying the same or increasing.

Discovered a popular niche but it’s only a fad

Certain niches may appear to be a wonderful idea because there is little competition and everyone is buzzing about the topic.

However, be careful that if your niche turns out to be a fad, the buzz may dissipate.

It only takes a little expertise and common sense to avoid becoming trapped in a fad niche.

Diets are always in vogue. The Atkins, Paleo, and Keto diets are all popular.

They all reach their apex and then begin to detrend. However, if you can get in on fad niches or even diet niches at the beginning of the trend, I still advocate it.

I’ve made the majority of my affiliate revenue from the diet niche, so I’d be hypocritical if I recommended to stay away from it.

But a lot of the time spotting a trend as a fad isn’t so obvious.

Perhaps we assumed we’d be using fidget spinners indefinitely.

Choosing a specialization that necessitates frequent upgrades.

Some industries, such as gaming, are extremely fast-paced and dynamic. Different games are released on a regular basis.

Every week, a new graphic card is released.

If you want to be in a niche like this, you’ll need to stay on top of things, which is fine if you’re really into it.

Even if you are, a niche that requires a lot of updates will limit your potential to scale.

My recommendation is to steer away from niches like this. – Try something more steady, such as knitting, which hasn’t altered much since the dinosaurs.

Are you serious? I’m joking; don’t take the knitting hobby too seriously.

Going into an expert niche:

Before I get into the niche research hacks, I’ll talk about the last error I made: going into an expert niche.

Always keep in mind that you’ll need to write content for your website or employ content producers to do so.

If you’re in a super-specialized niche like ballet or online physics classes, you’ll have a hard time recruiting authors, especially those who are willing to work for 6 cents per word.

So, unless you’re the author and you truly want to write about the subject, you should probably pass.

Okay, we’ve covered what you should avoid and what you should do instead.

How to find a good niche for Affiliate marketing that works for You

How to find a good affiliate Niche

I will go for common strategies and am very surprised that how often even people do not use these common strategies.

Common strategies are not that common because most people do not use this strategies.

1. Choose something you enjoy and want to be in the long term:

When you bring passion to your work, make it better and you will be able to sustain it in the long term. If it’s just for money you quit earlier it is not going to be fun for you. It will be harder to go through the challenging part of business. And ideally you want to get something that is enjoyable and long term basis.

2. Be knowledgeable about your niche:

You must have knowledge about your niche  so that you can understand it and work on it. If you choose a niche and you have no knowledge about it then it will be boring and troublesome for you. You will lost interest and quite soon.

3. Bring experience and expertise: 

If you love food and cooking, that is fantastic. If you love traveling you have been somewhere amazing and if you are interested to work with a traveling niche that will be fine. It will bring more value to your work. It will be more helpful if you choose.

4. Legitimate niche: 

Can show your face and build influencer ship not for just your business but for you. For example if you promote gambling or real estate, make a money scheme that you like not to show your face. 

If you have experience in health and fitness and you promote a weight loss program it is not totally fit and some people might think who is this person why we listen to this topic. 

But if that person has a deep background on health and fitness and nutrition and you may be creating content on this topic people will trust you more because you have the degree that is going to help you more.

5. Nice growing business not too big not too small; 

What is meant by something big like traveling that is fantastic? But it is a multi millionaire market. It is easy to get lost and hard to compete with giant companies. 

And of course if you choose a tiny niche it is really difficult to get a reasonable amount of money. If I teach people how to tie the shoelaces or something super super niche that has no buyer around that. 

So you have to choose one middle ground and middle ground is key to success because it just begins to make money but just small enough that not too competitive.

6. Competition is the big challenge now: 

Online markets these days are  too competitive and you are going to choose a sub niche is key. Need to niche down

Need to niche down to find a good niche for affiliate marketing

Niche Down Affiliate Marketing Niche

For example: Travel Niche

Billion dollar industry, tough competition

Must niche down geographically or by type of travel.

California-northern California

Discount travel, luxury, backpacking, outdoors, cruise,

So you can choose outdoor travel in northern California that will be enough for YouTube video or blogging.

Tours, groups, solo, nature, city traveling

You are not just choosing California, you can choose any city or region you know so that you can create content about that.

Now you have many variations and you just pick two or three attributes that will give you very unique types of niche. Still make sure your niche is not too small.

Now you have a unique differentiated interesting perspective you can discuss. Grow your audience.

It is traveling so you can sell plane tickets, hotel tickets, sell maps, and guide. So travel is very lucrative so you can sell a lot of things.

So Monetization is not the challenge. Challenge is differentiation and traffic.

Bonus hacks on how to find a good niche for affiliate marketing

Here’s some outside the box niche research hacks that you probably never heard of before.

Website marketplaces are your best friend.

The first thing you need to know is that when it comes to niche research, website marketplaces are your best friend.

Just think about it, if a website is up for sale, in order to attract buyers, they need to be transparent about their website, their niche and their earnings.

Empire Flippers is a place where I frequently buy and sell websites.

The problem is, if you just went there to window shop, you need to put down a deposit in order to see listing details.

However, Flippa doesn’t require a deposit to view their listings.

And you can get exposure to plenty of good niches by getting acquainted with their marketplace., a premium network for investors that focuses mostly on digital assets.

They publish a weekly compilation of the most popular listings across all marketplaces, which I find quite helpful.

So, while you’re searching through these listings, what exactly are you looking for?

What constitutes a diamond in the rough niche?

First, look at the earnings.

Does the niche make the money that you want to make on your next project?

Next, this is a great indicator for ROI. Compare the number of links a website has to the amount of money it generates.

This will give you an idea of how much money you’ll need to start your own site in this niche.

You may also check at how much content they’ve created, which is another sign of ROI.

Asking your affiliate manager is my next tip for specialty research.

Whenever you sign up to a new affiliate program, make friends with your affiliate manager on day one, especially if they represent a network that covers multiple products.

Now, I don’t mean that you need to become best friends with them, but be on good enough terms to be able to call or email and ask them, hey, we’re about to start a new project, can you tell me what products and niches are doing well right now with SEO traffic.

Affiliate managers are the experts when it comes to niches.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, sit down and think about what websites you adore, what websites you read every day, and what websites you wish you had.

Then just make a me too website or go more niche than them, or better yet go bigger than them

Just make sure to check out the products they recommend, as they’ve already done the legwork for you.

How to find a good niche for Affiliate marketing with this tool

Finally you can find a good niche for affiliate marketing by using SEMrush keyword research tools.

You can easily find out the niche as well as topic that you can rank on Google. 

By Viewing the Video on how to find a good niche for Affiliate marketing

You can conduct a thorough market research to identify the specific niches that are currently being potential and less competitive.

Creating a list of products or services that are related to those niches after listing down the potential niches.

Then find out the best affiliate program that is related to your products and niche.

After selecting the affiliate program start to create content that is related to the affiliate program and promote the content through social media, email marketing, and other online channels.

Finally over the time you will develop a follower of your content that will help you reach new audiences and grow your business.

Finally I think you understand the whole process about how to find a good niche for affiliate marketing that works for you and your business.

Please give a comment below if you have any confusion or positive thoughts about this topic.

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